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Update on what is happening in the Midmar Men’s Shed

If only things were easy we’d already be fettling, whittling, fixing, inventing and have our ‘good works’ program for the Community well under way, along with drinking copious amounts of tea. 

However, we do have some excellent progress to report.

We are now a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), and also have a bank account. This now means that we can commence fund raising to suit the needs of the Shed, and conduct our business clearly with Community aims in mind.

The Hall Committee has proposed we put our Shed at the back of the hall, which will be perfect for connections to services.

The next challenge is to find and erect a suitable shed. We have been kindly offered ex-accommodation units/portacabin type buildings, which seemed ideal. However the Council seem to have a problem with the use of such unless they have a Structural Engineer’s Report. For older units this is impractical and so this any rapid progress seems to have been halted. So, we now need to get quotes for a another building, and this may well lead to a pretty hefty change in our budget requirements. This is a real shame as we had made good progress.

 We are looking for temporary accommodation in the area so we can at least get some continued camaradie and activity whilst the  alternatives are considered, so if you have an old barn or outbuilding, and you are happy for us to use it, then we would be appreciative.

If anyone wishes to join us and has ideas and input that may assist , then please come an meet us at 8pm in the back room of the Hall on Tuesdays. Please do contact us via mensshed@midmar.uk 

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