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Tuesday Night’s Meeting, although only attended by 4 people made for some interesting update. A summary of the minutes is given below (Thankyou Paul): –

SCIO APPLICATION – We are now an official Scottish Charity! SCIO application approved and we were incorporated on 1st March. Charity number is – SC049095

  • Final, approved constitution attached.

BANK ACCOUNT – has also been approved and opened. Jonathan currently setting up online access.

  • BANK and SCIO mean that we can now get stuck into the fundraising.

BUILDING  – various topics discussed

Planning Application: current status – requires a tree survey which will cost £600-800 +VAT.

  • FCS Tree felling licence won’t be issued while there is an active planning application nearby.
  • Gordon to link up with Pete & withdraw planning application just before tree-felling licence is submitted. 9 month window to re-apply for planning (no extra cost) once trees are out the picture.
  • Tree felling licence is valid for one year once granted.

Building Warrant: Current cabins – Mid sections are structurally weak; fewer joints than the ends, susceptible to sway etc. Pete tracking down history of them – in the hope of figuring out certification/standard of build. From Huntly area, previously used as a nursery Made by “R.B. Farquhar” – now bust.

Building Change: Gordon’s suggestion is to re-apply with a 4×2 timber frame building on a solid concrete base.

  • Can cannibalise existing cabins for materials: insulation, weather-boarding, frame etc
  • Can be ordered as a kit; arrive pre-fabricated for easy build (reduce labour costs)
  • Concrete floor means it can be tied down – more structurally sound
  • Can re-design from scratch to build exactly as we want
  • Chance to reduce glazing compared to current cabins & better place doors, walls, etc.

Log Cabin: not completely ruled out. Forest log cabins have an architect they use to sign off structure.

  • Price and insulation questions raised.


School Portakabin: No …

  • Still being used by after-school classes.

Old Schoolhouse: Came up as a suggestion. Someone with connections willing to approach regarding suitability and potential for short/mid-term usage?

Newsletter Article: use this as a way of putting the feelers out to the community for a barn or outbuilding?

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