Meetings and Minutes

Five convened at the Midmar Hall

A turnout of five good men at the latest Men’s Shed development meeting on Tuesday saw some slightly disappointing news.

It turns out that we are going to be challenged, more than we had initially hoped for, with regards to “permissions”; specifically, the requirement for a building warrant, with an associated structural justification / guarantee, seems to be something that we aren’t going to be able to avoid.

This obviously creates a delay, in that we can’t justify beginning any ground clearing or building works until we have a clear go ahead from the authorities. There is also the potential additional cost involved, which given that we currently have no money, is a significant challenge.

So that’s the disappointing news. On the positive side: –

  • we are on the way to getting a bank account,
  • we have applied for SCIO status.
  • we have a draft constitution.

The next meeting is planned for Friday night at the Community Pub and then Tuesday 5th at 8.00pm in the back room at the hall.

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